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With the help of over 7.000 voters we have finally picked the best Interrail love story in 2018. Read the three stories with the most votes below!

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Love Story

Love Story
Jake and I Interrailed around Europe in 2016. We got spectacularly lost in Rome, and climbed the 414 steps of Giotto’s Campanile for the best (and windiest) view in Florence (pictured). We experienced Venice’s Piazza San Marco illuminated at night with the Basilica perfectly reflected in the motionless flood water filling the square. We sat on the edge of Bled Castle’s 130m precipice, before accidentally rowing our rowboat backwards to the island on the glacial lake. We visited Rossfeld Panoramastrasse, taking in the views of Bavaria at 5600ft whilst the snow fell. We took the Golden Pass train through Switzerland and saw the most beautiful mountains and crystal clear lakes in Europe. Then we spent our 4 year anniversary on the Pont des Amours (Bridge of Love) in Annecy, France, with fresh pastries the size of our heads, before getting lost on the metro in Paris. It was truly unforgettable.

Our Interrailing Love Story

Our Interrailing Love Story
Ever since we both started university 2 years ago, we have been connected by trains in order to see each other and explore cities within the UK. In summer 2017, we combined our love for train travel and desire for adventure together by Interrailing. We visited 14 breathtaking countries, starting at Brussels and finishing in Paris 3 weeks later to celebrate one of the best experiences we have ever done.

Although we visited too many incredible destinations to discuss them all, our favourite had to be our spontaneous kayaking trip across Lake Bled, which we had only discovered a few hours earlier!

Without Interrailing, we would have never had the chance to explore hidden gems like Luxembourg and Bratislava. Interrailing has enabled us to learn so much about each countries culture and history, and has created travel memories that are very special to us both, which we will treasure forever.

From Poland to S-love-akia

From Poland to S-love-akia
It was a miracle love blossomed in the circumstance of our meeting. Interrailing with university friends, neither looked nor felt our best having individually over-indulged in Krakow’s nightlife. Myself and the boys didn’t smell great either on the seven-hour journey to Bratislava; yet, on meeting eyes, the connection was undeniable. Following a warm welcome by tattoo-laden locals brawling at the train station bar, we incessantly flirted over a meal during a lengthy layover in the charming post-Soviet town of Breclav. A day later, we danced the night away together in Bratislava, followed by heartbreak as the girls left for Budapest. However, the boys offered to follow suit and two truly special nights were spent together in Hungary. The year post-interrailing was spent travelling between Sheffield and Edinburgh to meet, and eventually I moved to the Scottish capital, where we have grown stronger ever since.

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